looking to the Bangkok city

ตั้งแต่เอาตัวเองมาอยู่หน้ากล้อง ไม่ค่อยบ่อยนักที่จะได้กลับไปอยู่หลังกล้อง หยุดปีใหม่ได้พักผ่อน ได้จับกล้อง ได้ถ่ายภาพบ้าง “looking to the Bangkok city” ภาพพาโนรามา มองเข้าไปที่กลางเมืองกรุงเทพฯ เพิ่งถ่ายเมื่อเย็นนี่เอง ฟังเพลงเพราะๆ กันเนอะ สวัสดีปีใหม่ครับ ^^ Video ดูได้ที่ link นี้: looking to the Bangkok city * * * Too busy to get back to be hide the camera. . Long new year holiday it is my change to get some rest, taking some photo,

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The Art Lane / Night

Best Of Party

Mintra – Fashion Photography by SABAIMAGE

After I was busy almost a year, here I’m back .. .

Through The Windows ..

Kessie – the cuties

I wanna see Kate for long, days a go we got change go have a little time to shoot. Well not much time, just for getting to know each other .. Kate got a very well character herself, very cute as you could see. BTW we’re planning to do a good job together soon.

Anny – the pefect body

I met Anny years ago, the perfect girl. We return for shoot again a few days ago. On this time she has her figured a lot of improved, Y-E-H i mean that, with her figure: 35x24x35 / 170cm Height and 48 Weight. Plus to me she is the professional model, fun to have changed to

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Nong Yong – Fashion Studio Portfolio Shoot

Too Sweet – Fashion Studio Shoot

Cleo Girl – Fashion Portrait

Simply Red

Cherry (Sexy) In Studio Fashion Portrait

Sexy Rider – wanna go for ride? [Set#1]

I do love studio shoot – Definitely YES. On Sexy Rider Fashion Set, I turn the empty space into a bike garage. I love working be hide the scene it was fun (and so tired ^o^ ). Everything you see on the frame was my design, props / lighting work / model casting / up to

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Ann.B Fashion Portrait Collection

Thailand Flooding 2011 Series

Since the last 50 years, Thailand never been facing on any big issue regarding on any disaster. But on the year of 2011 we got hue of flooding, bad one. We have very long holiday, I was running around to take some shoot.

Bangkok West Outer Ring – Extream Panorama Collection

Original image size : 18,325 x 4,941 pixel Original tiff file size : 1.5GB          

Bee Fashion Portrait Collection

Simply Winter – Fashion Studio Portfolio Shoot

Pui Fashion Sexy Collection

Fashion & Portrait Collection

Check out my collection from my past work